Color comps re-do

As some of may recall I’m taking a digital painting through Chris Oatley.  I completely my first homework assignment and posted it here.  It was Rembrandt as a cat.  Well after being critiqued by my fellow classmates I re-did it, so here is the new post. I think this is a great improvement over the first one and would love your opinions.  The first one is the one with the blue back ground.

fancy animal2  Rembrandt_Self_Portrait_as_a_Young_Man_1634-large  Rembrandt cat


color comps


Doodle Day

Its so hard to believe, but today is the one year anniversary of the Doodle Day group.  I joined the group at its inception, so that I would draw every day.  I have to admit that this has been a truly awesome experience for me and my drawing skills have improved tremendously. There are many wonderful illustrators that are part of this group and many who just wanted to try their hand at doodling.  If you are interested you can find out more information here Thank You so much Alison Hertz for developing this wonderful group.  Happy Anniversary Doodle Day.

doodle day annv

New Class

Taking a new class through Chris Oatley, trying to improve my digital painting skills.  One of the first assignments was a color comps on a picture we created by turning a famous painting into an animal.  I choose a Rembrandt self-portrait into a cat.  Turned out interesting.

rembrandt cat2

Rembrandt cat Rembrandt_Self_Portrait_as_a_Young_Man_1634-large



Hand Study

I recently did a hand study for my Doodle Day group.  I like some of them more than others, but I also realize that they are doodles.  I only spend about 5 minutes on each one, I’m sure if I spent more time and used reference they would have come out much nicer.  The  group picture is the hand study: pointing, holding, fist, and pinching.  The second picture is not a doodle, these hands I spent a bit more time on.hand study


Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe was born on a farm in Wisconsin in 1887.georgia

She was different from her siblings, she preferred to play alone, and had an incredible memory and eye for detail.  O’Keeffe loved the outdoors, which is evident in her paintings.  She took art lessons as a child but soon grew bored with them because they felt stifling to her.  In fact this is how she felt throughout most of her art education.  O’Keeffe felt that her art was merely expressing what the teachers wanted her to do.  Eventually she met a teacher named Bement who talked of shades of color and flowing lines which awakened her true artist so to speak.  O’Keeffe then studied under Dow and began painting in the abstract, using only black and white lines and shapes.  Her friend gave some of these painting to a gentleman in New York who owned a gallery, he later became O’Keeffe’s husband.  O’Keeffe took many teaching jobs around the country in order to support her painting, but she always managed to return to New York.  As her painting evolved she looked again to the nature she loved and began painting it using beautiful flowing lines and brilliant colors.



Sources:,, Inspirations by Leslie Sills


Women’s History/Pabita Velarde

As many of you may know March is Women’s History month.  I’ve decided to present women artists in honor of Women’s History month.  The first is a Native American Aritist Pabita Velarde.velarde

She was born Sept. 19, 1918 in a Pueblo community in New Mexico.  Her Pueblo name is Golden Dawn.  As a young child she temporarily loss her sight due to an illness, when she could see again she trained herself to see and remember every detail.  Velarde learned art while at the United States Indian School, from her teacher Dorothy Dunn who was a graduate of the Chicago Art Institute. Dunn taught her to grind her own pigments which she did her entire career.  Dunn also exhibited some of Velarde’s early works in New Mexico and Washington DC.  Velarde’s paintings depict Native American culture.  Velarde played a huge role in removing barriers for women artists in America.



Sources:,, Women Artist; Multi-Cultural Visions, by Betty LaDuke


Food Fight

Ahhh, the Mortimer family reunion, Brendon looked forward to it every year.  This was the only time he got to see most of his cousins and his crazy Uncle Joe.  His grandparents would be there and great grandpa Marvin would be there this year.  This year everyone was coming to California where he lived.  Every year the reunion was held in a different state that way everyone would eventually get to visit all fifty states.  Today was the family picnic, Brendon could hardly wait: there was going to be tons of food, and lots of games.

“I wonder what will happen this year?” Brendon thought as his family entered the large picnic area where his family was gathering.  Every year there seemed to be something crazy happening.  Last year Uncle Joe broke his leg trying to show off his riding skills in a local rodeo.

Brendon helped his Mom, Dad, and sisters unload the food from the car and put it on one of the many tables set up in the picnic area.  Everyone was talking and finding places to sit as more and more family arrived.  Wow it seems like this year the whole family showed up all 100 of them.

Great grandpa Marvin was at the head of the biggest table and finally got everyone to settle down so that he could welcome everyone and say how proud he was of his family and blah blah blah.  Brendon was hungry, like most of the kids he just wanted to start eating so the real fun could begin.  Finally Brendon heard, “Dig in.”

Brendon couldn’t remember seeing so much food moving so fast in all his life.  He didn’t know what to put on his plate.  All of a sudden SPLAT, something wet and sticky hit him right in the ear